Prevent digital payments fraud

Enygma is a Financial Crime Prevention software that risk scores transactions in real time. We believe that expensive KYC strategies are not enough to prevent from chargebacks, which is why we created a solution that can predict, prevent and manage fraud and financial crime.

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Regulations compliant

Enygma uses only non-PII data to score our users. Our solutions prioritizes user privacy and is compliant with GDPR and all local data privacy laws.

PSD2 obliges payment service providers to apply so-called “strong customer authentication” (SCA) when a payer initiates an electronic payment transaction. A study concluded that SCA would cost European businesses EUR 57 billion in its first year.

PSD2 and SCA requirements could have severe repercussions on the general user experience of your customers, increasing friction and drop-offs, which could also mean additional development costs as well as scheme fees for you to handle.

Drive exemptions instead of drop-offs

There is over 10% estimated fraud losses in any organization and global card fraud loss amounted to €25.5 billion in 2020. However, 42% of companies with set fraud prevention reduced their fraud attack expenses by 42% in 2020.

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Adaptive rules engine

Enygma’s advanced self-learning models provide a holistic view of customers and identify at-risk activity to reduce chargebacks and false positives.

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Transaction risk analysis

Enygma analyzes historical data, provides transaction monitoring and risk scores events to prevent fraud and suspicious behavior through risk intelligence in less than 300 milliseconds.

Over 10%

Estimated fraud losses in any organization

€7.2 Bn

Cost of bank fraud worldwide in a year

€10 Bn

In lost turnover every year in the world because of 3D Secure

€25.5 Bn

Amount of global card fraud loss in 2020

Real time risk analysis requirements
High-risk location of the merchant
Abnormal location of the end-user
Known Fraud scenario in the provision of payment services
Abnormal spending or behavioral pattern of the end-user
Unusual information about the end user’s device/software access
Malware infection in any session of the authentication procedure
Enygma is industry agnostic
Enygma applies its knowledge and technology in various industries. We are choosing to be subject matter experts in all of them.